CANICE Architects specialise in the conservation and creative re-use of our built environment. We are a contemporary architecture practice whose work is based on an observational approach of the world around us. Each project is considered from first principles and taken through a rigorous design process to arrive at a unique and timeless piece of architecture.

We believe in a low-tech approach to sustainability – reusing where possible and building for the long term using a selective palette of materials to create intrigue and architectural joy.
Our projects often involve working on nationally important listed buildings in highly sensitive historic settings and within protected natural landscapes. We offer a sensitive and careful approach to challenging constraints and work within recognised international charters to arrive at the best possible outcome. We collaborate with skilled craftspeople, builders and a team of specialised consultants.
CANICE Architects provide a professional bespoke service for each project, working closely with our clients to develop a project specific approach. We are committed to the art of architecture in search of beauty and usefulness.
Expert services in: 

  • Conservation and adaptive re-use within challenging sites of historic or natural importance
  • Contemporary architectural design
  • Delivery of complex projects
  • Estate / demesne masterplanning
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CANICE Architects      17a Irishtown, Kilkenny, Ireland      +353 (0) 56 777 1494
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