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Client: Kilkenny County Council
Location: Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Building Type: Product design
Size: 1 sqm
Budget: €5,000
Status: Completed (2018)
Photography: Darren McLoughlin
A new information point overlooking the river Nore
Talbots Inch Suspension Bridge was a pedestrian bridge commission by Lady Desart to facilitate the crossing of workers in Talbots Inch village to the Woollen Mill across the River Nore. The bridge was built from brick, concrete and iron and was of an architecturally rich design. The snow of 1947 and the subsequent thaw caused large amounts of flooding with the Nore river reaching an unprecedented high level. This increased pressure on the river banks and strong water surges lead to the destruction of the bridge structure. It was the view of Kilkenny County Council that something should mark the site of what is a unique piece of Kilkenny history. The information point will be subjected to harsh climatic conditions which include it’s location on a flood plain.
The proposal therefore was to use Cor-Ten steel as the main material element of the design due to it’s increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion and it’s ability to form a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather. The proposal also called for the use of glazed ceramic tiles on the information area which can have embedded onto the structure using swimming pool standard grout. A historic image showcasing the bridge prior to it’s destruction was printed onto the tiles along with a brief history which created a point of interest for passing tourists.



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