Ireland House Tokyo

Client: The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Building Type: Arts & Cultural
Size: 3191 sqm
Budget: €16,000,000
Status: Competition
An Irish home from home in Japan
How should one consider the design of a new diplomatic building in the 21st century? We propose a building that builds on the spirit of friendship and cooperation that has existed between Ireland and Japan for 60 years. An architecture that physically embodies this good will, by being open, welcoming and steadfast.
The overall form of the building resembles a craggy rock outcrop in a body of water. At the street entrance the rock cliff over hangs a pool of water symbolic of the shared geological identity inherent in the psyche of the island nation – water and rock.
Once inside, the interior is in stark contrast to the outside. Timber panelling and fixtures exude a soft warm homely feeling. The timber linings continue into the prominent public spaces and beautifully crafted timber stair all designed to ‘embrace’ the visitor while also alluding to the shared culture of carpentry that the two nations enjoy.



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